Whitetail Tactical

Whitetail Tactical is a family business run by Joshua Bettendorf located in north west Alabama. We specialize in high quality polymer framed weapon stippling and artwork. We also offer custom cerakote refinishing.


How do I ship my Frame to Whitetail Tactical?

Package your frame in as small a box as possible with no markings to indicate there is a firearm in the box. (Small flat rate postal boxes work perfectly for 1 or 2 frames) Ship via UPS. Do not ship USPS.
Ship to
111 Pinewood Circle Beaverton, Alabama 35544

What is your lead time?

Lead times fluctuate with current work loads. Feel free to send us a message and we will update you on currant lead times 

Do I need to strip my frame before I ship?

Only if you want to. We will gladly take care of stripping and reassembly with no extra charge

Can I ship my frame via USPS?

No. A non FFL holder can not ship a handgun through the USPS. You must use UPS or Fedex. If you want to use the postal service you can have your local gun shop ship the frame for you. This is genereally cheaper than shipping yourself though UPS.

Can I ship my frame via USPS?

What is the best texture for concealed carry?

We would suggest lava stone. It can be done with verying degrees of aggressiveness and is very practical and greatly improves the grip without rubbing you raw. Also Basket weave is a very practical carry texture.

What is the most aggressive texture you offer?

Centurion Armor.