How do I send my frame to Whitetail Tactical?

If shipping as an individual package in as small a box as possible and ship UPS or Fedex to
111 Pinewood Circle Beaverton, Alabama 35544
All frames must include a completed work order form along with a copy of your drivers license.
It is the customers responcibility to know the firearm laws and shipping reguations in his or her state of recidence.

Can I ship USPS?

No. If you are not an FFL do not ship your frame with the USPS. 

How do I send Payment?

Once the work order is completed we will send you a paymeny link via email along with an invoice. We will then ship your frame once payment is recieved. 

Will you copy another compaines work?

No. If you want work done by another company than you will need to go to them.

What is your lead times?

Lead times fluctuate with current work loads, but we gnerally try to keep it under two weeks. Feel free to contact us about current lead times.

Will you fix a bad stipple job?

Yes, we will do repair work. Please send us a picture of the stipple job in question and will see what we can do. (repaire job prices vary from listed prices on the order form)