Whitetail Tactical

Whitetail Tactical is a family business run by Joshua Bettendorf located in north west Alabama. We specialize in high quality polymer framed weapon stippling and artwork. We also offer custom cerakote refinishing.
Order Form

Print Order Form Whitetail Tactical Order Form.pdf

Please print this form and include it with your frame and a copy of your drivers license when you ship. All frames that arrive to us without an order form will be sent back to the return address. 

We hold an FFL so you can ship directly to us through UPS , Fedex or an FFL dealer. (Frame only and any mags or accessories that you want work done to) We recommend using your local FFL as its generaly cheaper than shipping through UPS or Fedex. If you are sending a complete handgun for cerakote please make sure the firearm is unloaded.

It is required by law that we return all serialized frames to the address on your drivers license or to a local FFL dealer where they will transfer the frame back to you.

If you are not an FFL holder do not ship with the USPS!