Whitetail Tactical

Whitetail Tactical is a family business run by Joshua Bettendorf located in north west Alabama. We specialize in high quality polymer framed weapon stippling and artwork. We also offer custom cerakote refinishing.
After choosing your texture and desired mods, simply print your order form and fill out the desired work order. Include your form with your frame when you ship and we will contact you when your frame arrives. Unless you are paying by check, we are pay on completion only. We will notify you upon completion of your frame and send you pictures. You can pay via the included link. We will ship your completed frame upon receiving payment. 
ALL FRAMES MUST INCLUDE AN ORDER FORM. Any frame sent to us without an order form will be returned to the address it was sent from. You can print your order form here. 

Viper: Price starting at $100.00

Viper is our most aggressive texture. It was created to mimic the scales of a venomous snake, so the grip is quite strong. Excellent for running and gunning, and gloved shooting.

Lava Stone: Price starting at $100.00

Lava Stone is a traditional texture; not overly aggressive while still adding a ton of grip. Good for concealed carry and everyday use. 

Basket Weave: Price starting at $125

Basket Weave is an excellent texture for concealed carry; not aggressive while adding a lot of grip and still feels smooth against skin. Plus it looks amazing when done properly.

Katana Grip: Price starting at $125.00

Our new Katana is pure awesome! Not aggressive; it has a soft feeling while the cuts add alot of grip, plus making your firearm one of a kind! Requires the removal of the Glock logo to be done properly.

Centurion Armor: Price starting at $100.00

Our Centurion grip texture is everything in one! The grip feels amazing without being to aggressive.
It has the feel of classic checkering on a 1911 grip of rifle stock. Perfect for any occasion!

Tactical  Options

Finger Groove Removal: $5.00
  (Glock gen 3-4 only)
​The removal of fingers grooves to allow shooters to get a better purchase and more comfortable grip on their weapon.

Scalloped Mag Release: $20.00
(Glock gen 1-3 only)
The removal of material from around the mag release to allow for better access to the button.

Glove Bevel: $25.00
The removal of material inside the trigger guard around the trigger. Great for shooters with large hands.

Shooters Ledges: $20.00
The cutting of a ledge into the index points of the frame to allow shooters to help control recoil with thumbs.

Leaving Top Finger $25.00
Groove: (Hybrid Bevel)
Leaving top finger groove with finger groove delete and blending into the trigger guard undercut. Mostly cosmetic but can add to the comfort of the grip.

Trigger Guard $20.00 Undercuts:
The removal of material
from the bottom of the trigger guard. Allows for a higher and more comfortable purchase on the handle.

Grip Chop: $40.00
The convertion of a Glock 17 handle to except Glock 19 mags, or a G19 to except G26 mags.